Sports Centre Hub Consultation

We have exciting news for Brimmington Park!  The sports facilities have long been in need of an upgrade and Southwark Council are now planning improvements to the football pitches and the half of the park which stretches up to the Old Kent Road.

The Council have already consulted with us on the initial plans and now want our feedback on the updated design. The plans include upgrading the tired football pitches and renovating a small disused building to provide changing rooms and other facilities. Along with these plans, the pitches will change from free to use to mostly pay to use.

The Council are reassuring us that there will still be times when the pitches are available for local kids to use without charge, but there are still concerns over the amount of time and timings of the free access. Please have a look at the questionnaire which has the information and give your feedback before September 20.

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Brimmington Park Sports Centre Hub – 2nd consultation