Planning the summer festival

Easter is behind us and planning for the 2017 Brimmington Park annual Festival is in full swing. Held on 24 June 2017 the festival is a coming together of the Peckham East community.   Together we celebrate local residents of all ages, local businesses and our collective creative spirit.

Our session with Anna Ghadia, the Friends of Peckham East chair, gave us food for thought as our plans take shape. Anna shared her experiences and approach to planning and gaining funding for the festival last year. This input gave us all lots to consider; what stalls to provide, what marketing activities to use to promote the festival?

As a volunteer I have worked with friends and neighbours to overhaul the Friends of Peckham East website. Working with the wonderful Rosie and Sarah, and University of the Arts lecturer and web designer Alistair we hope the website will help raise the profile of this years festival and take attendance levels to new heights.

Other members of the group are developing plans to explore new funding sources, we are all learning along the way. One thing we all consider a priority is that the use of Brimmington Park is maximised. It is a lovely and much needed green space within our community. Through the festival programme we want to ensure we share a great day with everyone that comes along.  I am so excited about seeing our ideas develop and the festival come together for another year.  The group is brimming with thoughtful suggestions and I am delighted to be a part of it.

If you want to arrange a stall on the day it is £40 for food stalls and £10 for others, however it is free of charge for all voluntary or community groups. Forms are available here or by emailing